What Are the Custom Privacy Settings in Fouad WhatsApp?

Fouad WhatsApp is a modified version of the regular WhatsApp app that allows the user additional privacy options not present in the official app. In this article, I will share the privacy settings of Fouad WhatsApp with which you can customize settings and several benefits will be detailed so here is what you need to know about the app.

Protection for Last Seen_privacy

One of the most iconic functions within Fouad WhatsApp is the customization of the "Last Seen" status. Hide Last Seen For Specific Contacts & Groups You have flexible options which enhances the practical control over allowing certain people to see you online, beyond the privilege of the normal WhatsApp.

Customized Blue Ticks

Fouad WhatsApp > Read the blue ticks. The app can be set to show blue ticks after they have replied to a message rather than after the message has been read. This option means that users have a bit more privacy when it comes to when they want the other person to know they have read the message.

Selective Status Sharing

These status updates can be viewed by just the people specifically chosen by the users of fouad whatsapp. To put it into perspective, whereas the former breaks the barrier of what was once only limited to tangential groupings, the predecessor of the feature allows to pull it through to categories but Fouad WhatsApp lets the tacks to go finer in excluding certain contacts iTear to assay the thing of the thought and share the one of the geniuses.

Custom Conversations

Another privacy option is being able to lock conversations using a password or pattern. With this extra layer of defense approvals, those few conversations will kept untouched and unable to be viewed by whoever might get hold of your phone.

A Typing and Recording Incognito

A feature of incognito for hiding typing status or recording status in DMs (direct messages) is also available in Fouad WhatsApp. That also means, when you are typing or playing voice message to the other side you are technically not appearing at "typing" or "recording" status alerts.

Privacy of Forwarded Messages

People using Fouad WhatsApp to forward messages can choose to hide forward tag that appears on forwarded texts This feature will result in a much better sharing experience, while at the same time the content will look as if they created it, keeping the secrets of the message owner.

Download Statuses Anonymously

It also offers a special feature through which you can download the statuses of other contacts without them being know. This way, you can secretly save any photos or videos shared in the statuses of your contacts.

These custom privacy settings in fouad whatsapp give users a tremendous amount of finer control of everything they do, making it more private and allowing them to use the app when was not possible using the standard WhatsApp application. All the features look aimed at the kind of power user who cares about privacy and is happy to embrace a stripped down way of communicating on the platform..

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